WTFFF 466: Cad Design Help

April 13, 2017

We have an interview today with Scott Tarcy of CAD Design Help. I love that we’re going to bring in somebody else who has a different CAD design view. Somebody else really who is trying to do something similar that we are in helping to be a resource for people interested in 3D printing in one way or another. His focus is a little more in the CAD side of things. It’s a bit of a cross section. He’s more of an engineer, actually is a degreed engineer, a mechanical engineer. He has worked inside a couple of different corporations, doing real serious engineering work on products. He’s complimentary to what we do on WTFFF and 3D Start Point and we thought it would be good to have him on. He’s a great resource and he’s got a podcast. It’s called The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast. I think he’s 24 episodes into it or something at this point. I think it’s really an interesting model of who he’s talking to that’s very different than who we’re talking to. There’s plenty of room in the space for someone else with a little different perspective.

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