WTFFF 461: Review of the MakerBot Replicator+

April 4, 2017

In October MakerBot launched their first new 3D printer in years, since the 5th Generation 3D printer was released back in 2013. Ever since the Smart Extruder+ was released in February, 2016, there has been hope that MakerBot, with the backing and resources of Stratasys, is on a path to deliver best in class products, and continue to be a leader in desktop 3D printing. Here at WTFFF!? and 3D Start Point, we were given the opportunity to work with MakerBot’s latest 3D Printer, the Replicator+, as soon as it was released. The testing for this 3D printer review has been conducted over the course of several months, more than 100 3D prints, and three large spools of filament.

 So after all of this testing, has this new MakerBot 3D Printer proved to be a big step forward for the market leader, or is it just another incremental improvement?

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