WTFFF 459: Wiivv 3D Printed Sandals

March 29, 2017

Today we’re talking flip-flops, sandals, 3D printed sandals. We haven’t been able to talk about it since we visited Wiivv Wearables’ factory a month and a half ago. We went down to San Diego and got to see their whole operations with how they make their custom fit insoles today, but they gave us a preview that we couldn’t talk about until now. We had such a great conversation with Shamil Hargovan of Wiivv Wearables almost six months ago now. We did our first interview podcast with him. As soon as we were done we were asking them, “When are you going to make flip-flops?” He was like, “When I come down to San Diego next, I will share something secret with you but you can’t air it.” So, we’ve been holding out. It’s only been maybe about six weeks since we were down there. We haven’t had to keep that secret too long. It was fun to not only see how they were currently making their flagship or their first product line that they’ve really refined that manufacturing process.

For those who don’t remember or haven’t listened to that episode, we’re talking about their custom fit orthotic insoles. They fit the form of your foot. That’s what they primarily make in that factory in San Diego. They will be adding this new line to be making the Wiivv Wearable sandals. It’s really an interesting idea that they’re really looking at their factories not being 100% 3D printing. That’s going to come across a little bit in the interview with Shamil here. We are doing something a little bit out our ordinary course of Wednesday, because it’s a Wednesday podcast, and we’re adding an interview in here because we thought you should hear straight from Shamil about why they’re doing this and some of the great features that they built in.

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