High Quality 3D Scanning and Computer Modeling with Barbara Wood

August 3, 2017

We've got a really good interview today that I think takes us further into the whole 3D scanning and creating a real product out of that exploration. I was at CEO Space, which is our networking and executive and entrepreneurship education forums we participate in quite a few times a year. They have five of them. We've done two this year or something like that already. It's just one of those things where you meet people and they know that we are in the 3D printing industry and they bring me things. LoraLee Harmon, who I absolutely love, she's a CEO Space Club President and such a great connector, excitedly runs up to me on the last day of CEO Space and has these 3D print figurines in her hand of a bride and groom. She had some with her.

I'm sitting there looking at them going, "I've never seen this good quality before. The face's expression is there. The colors look vibrant." I was shocked at that and she goes, "I know this woman of 3DTransformations, Barbara Wood. Would you like to meet her? Maybe you could interview her." I go, "Maybe? We're definitely going to interview her. I may even go and order one of these for my daughter's wedding." She was explaining a little bit about Barbara Wood and 3DTransformations out of Charleston, South Carolina. It's more than figurine printing to me. She started the business with this vision of really helping to give people something to feel and touch about people they love. Especially, started out in helping the blind to be able to have a better experience through 3D prints of loved ones and things like that.

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